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ACIDD Newsletter 1.4

posted Aug 21, 2012, 3:39 AM by Dimitris Tzouris
ACIDD Newsletter 1.4
Brought to you by the
Anatolia College Instructional Design and Development department


  1. Learning 2.0 Online Conference - SESSIONS START TODAY!
  2. Get your MOODLE courses! [HS | IB]
  3. SMILE project update
  4. Global Education Conference 2012
  5. teAch Symposium - Thank you!
  6. Where and when to find us
  7. Previous issues


1. Learning 2.0 Online Conference - SESSIONS START TODAY!

Learning 2.0 is a free conference and is held online, in multiple time zones, over the course of five days. It is a unique chance to participate in a global conversation on rethinking teaching and learning in the age of the Internet. It is organized in conjunction with Connected Educator Month, and the conference is based on a highly inclusive model for participation and designed to encourage peer professional development--which means we want you to come and learn from each other! The conference includes an all-day virtual unconference (SocialEdCon online!) as well as a special educational start-up "pitchfire" event. Subject strands include changes in the classroom, in student learning, in teacher personal and professional growth, in schools, and in pedagogy.

Keynote speakers: Julie Evans, Gina Bianchini, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Lee Rainie, Sugata Mitra, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Michelle Pacansky-Brock, Marc Prensky, Audrey Watters, Yong Zhao.

Pre- and post-conference interviews with David Deubelbeiss, Lee Rainie, Alfie Kohn, Gary Stager, Stephen Downes, Howard Gardner, Rudy Crew, Roger Schank, Paulo Blikstein, Rob Fried, Gordon Dryden, Tony Wagner, and Michael Strong.

Check out the conference website for the full session schedule!

2. Get your MOODLE courses! [HS | IB]

HS and IB faculty who want courses activated on MOODLE for the new academic year, should fill in the following online form:

Those of you who have already asked for courses until today via email will have priority, but future course requests should only be done via the online form.

MOODLE will be offline next week (Aug. 27-31) for the annual archiving process. 

3. SMILE project update

Those of you who are still interested in participating in the SMILE project, please contact Haido Samaras at

The SMILE project is one of the European Schoolnet projects and is funded by the EU and Facebook. It focuses on a variety of aspects on the use of social media in learning and education. The online course comprises several online learning modules about the use of social media in a school environment. The rationale of the project is to first use this platform to introduce a number of ideas focusing on various facets, such as a whole-school approach (unit 2), using social media for learning and teaching (unit 3), using social media for professional development (unit 4), using social media responsibly(unit 5), and social media policy and the challenges of social media adoption in schools (unit 6).

In a second phase, the SMILE people ask teachers to choose their own social media environment, and to participate in communities of practice to develop a specific social media strategy which they could implement in their own school.

4. Global Education Conference 2012

This year, the Instructional Design and Development department is getting more involved by actively participating in the leadership team of the Global Education Conference. This year's conference dates are November 12-17. Presentation proposals must be submitted by October 15. If you are willing to become a presenter in this worldwide event, contact Dimitris Tzouris at

To get more information and access hundreds of recorded sessions from the previous two conferences, visit:

There will be more announcements about this in the near future. Stay tuned!

5. teAch Symposium - Thank you!

Thank you all for attending our first teAch symposium on Re-thinking Teaching through Technology! Click here to check out a few statistics on the infographic we've prepared for you.

6. Where and when to find us

To check out our contact details, as well as live information on our whereabouts and availability, click here:

7. Previous issues

You can find all previous issues of the ACIDD Newsletter, on our website: