ACIDD Newsletter 1.4

posted Aug 21, 2012, 3:39 AM by Dimitris Tzouris

ACIDD Newsletter 1.4
Brought to you by the
Anatolia College Instructional Design and Development department


  1. Learning 2.0 Online Conference - SESSIONS START TODAY!
  2. Get your MOODLE courses! [HS | IB]
  3. SMILE project update
  4. Global Education Conference 2012
  5. teAch Symposium - Thank you!
  6. Where and when to find us
  7. Previous issues


1. Learning 2.0 Online Conference - SESSIONS START TODAY!

Learning 2.0 is a free conference and is held online, in multiple time zones, over the course of five days. It is a unique chance to participate in a global conversation on rethinking teaching and learning in the age of the Internet. It is organized in conjunction with Connected Educator Month, and the conference is based on a highly inclusive model for participation and designed to encourage peer professional development--which means we want you to come and learn from each other! The conference includes an all-day virtual unconference (SocialEdCon online!) as well as a special educational start-up "pitchfire" event. Subject strands include changes in the classroom, in student learning, in teacher personal and professional growth, in schools, and in pedagogy.

Keynote speakers: Julie Evans, Gina Bianchini, Heidi Hayes Jacobs, Lee Rainie, Sugata Mitra, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Michelle Pacansky-Brock, Marc Prensky, Audrey Watters, Yong Zhao.

Pre- and post-conference interviews with David Deubelbeiss, Lee Rainie, Alfie Kohn, Gary Stager, Stephen Downes, Howard Gardner, Rudy Crew, Roger Schank, Paulo Blikstein, Rob Fried, Gordon Dryden, Tony Wagner, and Michael Strong.

Check out the conference website for the full session schedule!

2. Get your MOODLE courses! [HS | IB]

HS and IB faculty who want courses activated on MOODLE for the new academic year, should fill in the following online form:

Those of you who have already asked for courses until today via email will have priority, but future course requests should only be done via the online form.

MOODLE will be offline next week (Aug. 27-31) for the annual archiving process. 

3. SMILE project update

Those of you who are still interested in participating in the SMILE project, please contact Haido Samaras at

The SMILE project is one of the European Schoolnet projects and is funded by the EU and Facebook. It focuses on a variety of aspects on the use of social media in learning and education. The online course comprises several online learning modules about the use of social media in a school environment. The rationale of the project is to first use this platform to introduce a number of ideas focusing on various facets, such as a whole-school approach (unit 2), using social media for learning and teaching (unit 3), using social media for professional development (unit 4), using social media responsibly(unit 5), and social media policy and the challenges of social media adoption in schools (unit 6).

In a second phase, the SMILE people ask teachers to choose their own social media environment, and to participate in communities of practice to develop a specific social media strategy which they could implement in their own school.

4. Global Education Conference 2012

This year, the Instructional Design and Development department is getting more involved by actively participating in the leadership team of the Global Education Conference. This year's conference dates are November 12-17. Presentation proposals must be submitted by October 15. If you are willing to become a presenter in this worldwide event, contact Dimitris Tzouris at

To get more information and access hundreds of recorded sessions from the previous two conferences, visit:

There will be more announcements about this in the near future. Stay tuned!

5. teAch Symposium - Thank you!

Thank you all for attending our first teAch symposium on Re-thinking Teaching through Technology! Click here to check out a few statistics on the infographic we've prepared for you.

6. Where and when to find us

To check out our contact details, as well as live information on our whereabouts and availability, click here:

7. Previous issues

You can find all previous issues of the ACIDD Newsletter, on our website:

ACIDD Newsletter 1.3

posted May 2, 2012, 6:12 AM by Dimitris Tzouris

ACIDD Newsletter 1.3
Brought to you by the
Anatolia College Instructional Design and Development department


  1. ACIDD Learning Technology Symposium
  2. 1st MOODLE research conference
  3. Google Education On Air online conference [TONIGHT]
  4. Social Learning Summit - Recordings now available
  5. Google Geo Teachers Institute 2012
  6. Constructionism Conference 2012 - Theory, practice and impact
  7. Library 2.012 Worldwide Virtual Conference
  8. Global Education Conference 2012
  9. Resources on using document cameras
  10. What kind of tech user are you? [Pew Internet survey]
  11. TED and MIT launch educational video platforms
  12. Antikythera Mechanism exhibition
  13. Life Online exhibition
  14. TEDxThessaloniki news
  15. Article pick
  16. Website pick (1)
  17. Website pick (2)
  18. App pick
  19. Tool pick
  20. Today's tip
  21. Where and when to find us
  22. This issue's contributors - join us!
  23. Newsletter archive


ACIDD Learning Technology Symposium

The Instructional Design and Development department will be hosting an Educational Technology Symposium on June 18 & 19 that will include talks, presentations and workshops and will be planned so as to cater for the needs of both the absolute beginners as well as those of you who have a higher level of technology sophistication. It is open to all of the divisions of our school, so there will be presenters from the Elementary school as well as from the High School and ACT. If you are interested in getting involved, let us know. 

More to be announced soon. Stay tuned!

2. 1st MOODLE research conference

The Moodle Research Conference will become a major event for academics, researchers, experts and practitioners - sharing experiences, research achievements and innovative developments with Moodle. It is a unique opportunity to participate in an event dedicated to research and development (R&D) on learning and teaching carried out with Moodle. The conference will provide opportunities for sharing, discussing and providing constructive criticism of research outcomes and methods.
We encourage all faculty who are interested, to check this out and submit a paper. This will also be a chance to meet and thank Martin Dougiamas, creator of Moodle and keynote speaker, in person.

The conference is taking place in Heraklion, Crete on September 14-15.

More information here:

3. Google Education On Air online conference [TONIGHT]

Google is hosting an education technology conference entirely online and completely free. The conference starts tonight at 7 PM and will be hosted online, using Google Hangouts on Google+
Check out the speakers list and schedule here:

4.  Social Learning Summit - Recordings now available  

The worldwide 2012 Social Learning Summit is a one-day virtual conference that was held on April 21st. This year's theme was the use of social media and Web 2.0 in teaching and learning.
There were about 1000 attendees who watched 73 presentations from all over the world. All presentations were recorded and are available at this address:

5. Google Geo Teachers Institute 2012 

Educators all over the world have used Google's geo products to help students conceptualize, visualize, share and communicate information about the world around them.

This summer, Google will host two Google Geo Teachers Institutes: June 13 and 14, 2012 in Dublin, Ireland and June 20 and 21, 2012 in London, England. Both events will be held at the local Google office.

This two-day event is a free professional development experience designed to help educators get the most from Google's geography-related products and technologies. Participants receive hands-on experience and learn best practices and tips for using Google EarthGoogle Maps, and Google SketchUp, including a focus on features like OceanMarsMoon and Sky in Google Earth.

Attendees will also learn about innovative instructional strategies, theoretical foundations, and receive resources to share with colleagues. Speakers will share real life examples of how they are using these tools in their classrooms across all subjects. We hope this event will empower educators to bring the world's geographic information to students in a compelling, fresh, and fun way.

If you are interested in joining, please complete this application by May 4, 2012. Even if you can’t make it to this event, Google has many online resources available on the Google Earth for Educators and SketchUp for Education websites.

6. Constructionism Conference 2012 - Theory, practice and impact

The 2012 Constructionism Conference will be held in Athens on August 21-25. You can find more on paper submission deadlines and get more information here:

7. Library 2.012 Worldwide Virtual Conference

The Library 2.012 worldwide virtual conference will be held on October 3-5, 2012. This free conference is being held online, in multiple time zones. A call for presentations will be issued mid-May. Get more information and access last year's presentation archives here:

8. Global Education Conference 2012

The third annual Global Education Conference, a free week-long online event bringing together educators and innovators from around the world, will be held Monday, November 12 through Friday, November 16, 2012. The entire conference will be held online and will be completely free.
Stay tuned for more announcements. Get more information and access the previous years' presentation archives here:

9. Resources on using document cameras

Do you know what a document camera is? Do you know we have such a thing available for you? If you're interested to know what it's all about, check out this amazing collection (livebinder) of resources, that will give you tons of interesting ideas on how to use a document camera and enhance teaching. Check it out here:

10. What kind of tech user are you? [Pew Internet survey]

The Pew Internet and American Life Project always provides us with amazing statistics on technology use and it is widely used and respected by educators worldwide. Help them out by filling in their new survey on technology use and place yourself in one of the categories in the Pew Internet Project's Typology of Information and Communication Technology Users.

Is Facebook your window to your social world? Is your mobile device the last thing you put aside before shutting the light out at night? Or does the deluge of digital information leave you flat and the ring of your cell phone leave you cranky?
Answer a few questions and you'll know!

11. TED and MIT launch educational video platforms

TED finally launched its TEDEd platform, whose goal is to offer teachers a thrilling new way to use video. TED has always been for Ideas Worth Spreading. Now, it allows educators to come up with Lessons Worth Spreading. Chris Anderson, TED Curator, shares his thoughts on this new initiative on his blog. You can use the existing videos or apply to make your own by visiting the TEDEd website:

If you are not a fan of TEDEd's polished and copyrighted videos and believe videos could be simpler to create, you are not wrong. The Khan Academy is well known for its widely used video tutorials, made with simple tools. After being on the news recently for releasing an app for the iPad, the Khan Academy is teaming up with MIT to provide educators with a platform where they can create educational videos. The MIT+K12 project has just launched and is accepting registrations. Check it out:

12. Antikythera Mechanism exhibition 

The National Archaeological Museum in Athens is holding an exhibition on the Antikythera Mechanism until April 28, 2013. More information here (in Greek):

13. Life Online exhibition 

The National Media Museum in Bradford (UK) has a new permanent exhibition: LifeOnline is the world's first gallery dedicated to exploring the social, technological and cultural impact of the internet. This permanent gallery will trace the history of the internet, uncover how it has changed people's lives and track the latest trends. Get more information here:

14. TEDxThessaloniki news

TEDxThessaloniki is just around the corner! Just a few speakers left to be announced. The event is already sold out, so those of you who don't have a ticket, you will be able to watch the event streamed live. More details on this next week. Victoria Hislop, who is one of the speakers will be visiting Anatolia on Friday, May 11 at 11:45 in Raphael Hall. Check out the speaker lineup here:

15. Article pick

This Visible College
By Bryan Alexander

16. Website pick (1)

Scale of the Universe is an impressive website where you can zoom from the edge of the universe to the quantum foam of spacetime and learn about more or less everything in between.

17. Website pick (2)

The Brain Networks Laboratory at Texas A&M University used the technology used by Google in services like Google Maps to create a brain atlas! Current data sets include specimen from mice that you can explore with a few clicks.
Check it out:

18. App pick

Minds of Modern Mathematics (IBM Corp.) - Available for the iPad - Free

If you have ever wondered how mathematicians and mathematics have shaped the world we live in, this is the app for you. The Minds of Modern Mathematics takes you on an interactive journey that spans nearly 1,000 years. It tells the story of mathematics and how it has impacted almost every aspect of human progress, from science to music, art, architecture, and culture. 

Minds of Modern Mathematics is a digital recreation of a 50-foot-wide wall installation that was part of the groundbreaking 1961 Mathematica exhibition sponsored by IBM and designed by the legendary design team, Charles and Ray Eames. 

Composed with the same passion for design and interactive learning that fueled Charles and Ray Eames, the Minds of Modern Mathematics lets you explore the fascinating history of mathematics on your own terms.

Click here to download the app:

19. Tool pick

InstaGrok is a very interesting tool that allows you to find age-appropriate educational content on any topic presented with interactive multimedia interfaces, generate quiz questions based on student's research activity and skill level and support creation of research journals and concept maps for learning assessment. Check it out at

20. Today's tip

Google has recently unveiled a new service, called Drive. Drive replaces the Documents link on the top bar and gives you 5 GB free storage space for any type of file. At home, you can download the Google Drive application so you can easily drag and drop files in a regular folder, similar to how Dropbox is used. Since Anatolia provides you with a Google Apps account, you can start using Drive as soon as you see it on the top bar, after you log in to your account. 

21. Where and when to find us

To check out our contact details, as well as live information on our whereabouts and availability, click here:

22. This issue's contributors - join us!

We would like to thank this week's contributors to our newsletter:
Stella Asderi, Librarian at ACT
Despoina Kavourtzidou, Teacher at the Anatolia Elementary

Anyone wishing to contribute can simply email the editor at

23. Newsletter archive

You can read all issues of the ACIDD Newsletter here:

ACIDD Newsletter 1.2

posted Nov 30, 2011, 11:55 PM by Dimitris Tzouris

ACIDD Newsletter 1.2
Brought to you by the
Anatolia College Instructional Design and Development department


  1. Anatolia College on the TEDxAthens stage
  2. Anatolia College at the 2011 Global Education Conference 
  3. Interactive whiteboard software on faculty lounge computers [High School]
  4. Classroom technology locker important security notice [High School]
  5. Partners in Learning - Microsoft's challenge for innovative teachers [Elementary & High School]
  6. Imagine Cup 2012 challenge [ACT]
  7. The 2011 Educators Choice Awards
  8. The 2011 Edublogs awards 
  9. Upcoming webinars
  10. Tip of the week
  11. Tool of the week
  12. Article of the week
  13. Where and when to find us
  14. This issue's contributor(s) - join us!
  15. Previous issues


1. Anatolia College on the TEDxAthens stage

Two months ago, Dr Haido Samaras, Director of Instructional Design and Development, submitted her idea, the joint effort implementation of Anatolia teachers, students, alumni and technical staff, the Anatolia College Science and Technology Annual Conference (ACSTAC) to the TEDxAthens Challenge website, which was featured on issue 1.1 of this newsletter. ACSTAC was selected among 153 ideas and went on to the next phase, where 10 ideas were open to vote by the public.

Both the vote and the selection committee, chose ACSTAC to be in the 3 finalists, so Dr Haido Samaras and her team will be presenting ACSTAC on Saturday, December 3rd at the TEDxAthens conference. You can follow the event on Twitter, using the official hashtag #TEDxAth.

2. Anatolia College at the 2011 Global Education Conference

The second Global Education conference was a huge success, with over 300 presentations from educators worldwide. Anatolia College faculty participated with the following presentations:

  • Create, Learn and Connect Through Digital Stories
    Lydia Roupakia (English Teacher, High School) & Dimitris Tzouris (Instructional Technologist)
    Click here to view the recording

  • Getting a Sense of the Whole Game: The Idea of Scientific Conferences as Educational Simulations
    Haido Samaras, Director of Instructional Design and Development department
    Click here to view the recording

Anatolia College is a partner organization and the Instructional Design and Development department is actively involved in the confrence's International Advisory Board and will further support this great initiative in the years to come.
You can browse the list of session recordings here.

3. Interactive whiteboard software on faculty lounge computers [High School]

We have started installing the interactive whiteboard software (IQ Board) on faculty lounge computers. A side computers are finished and B side will be done next week. This will give faculty the opportunity to use the software and practice during breaks or free time between classes.

4. Classroom technology locker important security notice [High School]

Please don't forget to place the projector remote and interactive pen on the top, sliding shelf (next to the mouse) when using the technology locker in classrooms. This top, sliding shelf is better protected because there is no opening at the back. The bottom (steady) shelf is not safe and students can have easy access to the remote and interactive pen from the opening at the back.

5. Partners in Learning - Microsoft's challenge for innovative teachers [Elementary & High School]

The 7th Partners in Learning challenge by Microsoft is on! The company seeks innovative elementary and high school teachers. Submission deadline is January 16th, 2012. Visit the Partners in Learning website to read more. The website is in Greek.

6. Imagine Cup 2012 challenge [ACT]

Tertiary education students can apply to Microsoft's Imagine Cup 2012 challenge and submit their idea on software programming, game design or mobile app development. Visit the Imagine Cup 2012 challenge to read more. The website is in Greek, but the registration form is in English.

7. The 2011 Educators Choice Awards

View the prize-winning teaching and learning materials, submitted at the 2011 Educators Choice Awards competition,organized by Adobe.

8. The 2011 Edublogs awards

The purpose of the Edublog awards is to promote and demonstrate the educational values of social media. The best aspects include that it creates a fabulous resource for educators to use for ideas on how social media is used in different contexts, with a range of different learners while creating an invaluable resource of the best-of-the-best on the web!
Click here to view the categories and nominate your favorite blogs!

9. Upcoming webinars

The OpenClass Learning Environment

Click here to register

Motivating Students with Digital Magic

Showcase Your Talents: Building ePortfolios for Teachers and Students

Mobile Apps for Creating Special Holiday Gifts

Google Sites: Web Sites Made Simple, Part 2

Bring Shakespeare to Life with Online Discussions

Empowering Kids to Make a Global Difference

Exploring Digital Citizenship: Teaching Copyright Issues

10. Tip of the week

How often do you have something scheduled at 3am? What about 10pm? If the answer is almost never, you might want to try out the Hide morning and night lab in the online Calendar, powered by Google. You can read more here.

11. Tool of the week

Those of you who were inspired by Salman Khan's project are going to love this. In the wake of the Khan Academy, you can now make your own or help your students create their own tutorial videos and help other people learn! It's the Upside Down Academy! You'll definitely enjoy it!

12. Article of the week
Remote Collaboration: Embracing the Change

13. Where and when to find us

To check out our contact details, as well as live information on our whereabouts and availability, click here:

14. This issue's contributor(s) - join us!

We would like to thank this week's contributor to our newsletter, Dr Dimitris Grekinis, Associate Professor at ACT. Anyone wishing to contribute can simply email the editor at

15. Previous issues

You can read previous issues of the ACIDD Newsletter here:

ACIDD Newsletter 1.1

posted Nov 29, 2011, 8:34 AM by Dimitris Tzouris   [ updated Nov 29, 2011, 8:34 AM ]

ACIDD Newsletter 1.1
Brought to you by the Anatolia College Instructional Design
and Development department
  1. Global Education Conference - Call for papers
  2. TEDxAthens Challenge
  3. TEDxAthens - Conference applications still open
  4. Chemistry Experiment Competition [Elementary & High School]
  5. Technology locker keys [High School]
  6. Document cameras now available [High School]
  7. Upcoming webinars
  8. Tip of the week
  9. Tool of the week
  10. Article of the week
  11. Where and when to find us
  1. The 2011 Global Education Conference will be held November 14 - 18, online and free. Sessions will take place in multiple time zones and multiple languages over the five days. The 2010 Global Education Conference had 15,028 unique logins and presentations from 62 countries. To submit a proposal, click here. To access the conference sessions during the conference, click here. All recording sessions from the 2010 Conference are available here:

  2. Got an idea related to education that is worth spreading? Then, visit the TEDxAthens Challenge website  and submit your idea by October 31st. The website is in Greek.

  3. You can still make it to TEDxAthens 2011, which is taking place on December 3rd. Simply go to the TEDxAthens website and click "Apply now" to fill in the form. Audience applications have already started being accepted. All 2010 TEDxAthens talks are available to watch online. Just click here to get started.

  4. Ellinogermaniki Agogi is organizing a student chemistry experiment competition for all Greek primary and secondary schools. Click here to get more information.

  5. Keys for the new technology lockers that were installed in High School and IB classrooms are available for teachers. Don't forget to get one from your school's dean, in case you haven't gotten one already.

  6. The new document cameras are now available to use on demand. There is one for each high school and for now, you should inform the Instructional Design and Development department at least a week in advance if you want to use it in a classroom. 

  7. Upcoming free webinars:

    Keynote:  Interactive Sites for Your Interactive Whiteboard
    Date: Tuesday, October 25th from 12:00-12:45 PM Eastern Time, USA
    No matter what brand of whiteboard you have, and no matter if you
    teach Science, Math, Language Arts, Social Students, Music, or Art
    - there's something for you in this webinar!
    Register now.

    Session 1:  Make Google Forms Work for You
    Date: Tuesday, October 25th from 1:00-1:30 PM Eastern Time, USA
    Google Forms is probably one of the most useful and often
    underutilized Google tools. Learn how to create, use, and share
    Google Forms.
    Register now.

    Session 2:  Beyond Pen and Paper: Online Notetaking with the iPad
    Date: Tuesday, October 25th from 2:00-2:30 PM Eastern Time, USA
    Replace your notepad and pen with a free note-taking iPad app.
    Learn the social aspect of online note-taking, and a number of
    classroom integration ideas.
    Register now.

    Session 3:  3 Keys to Having a Successful Blog
    Date: Tuesday, October 25th from 3:00- 3:30 PM Eastern Time, USA
    Whether you are already up and running with a blog, or have been
    considering starting one, you don't want to miss these blogging
    tips and resources.
    Register now.

    Session 4:  6 Steps to Becoming a Viral Educator  
    Date: Tuesday, October 25th from 4:00- 4:30 PM Eastern Time, USA
    Looking to share your passion for learning with others?  Join this
    webinar and learn everything you need to know to get started.
    Register now.

    Session 5:  Hook Your Students with One of Their Favorite Sites 
    – YouTube!
    Date: Tuesday, October 25th from 5:00-5:30 PM Eastern Time, USA
    Learn about some of the fantastic tools that have been created to
    make YouTube easier and safer to use in the classroom.
    Register now.

    Session 6:  Improved Engagement and Better Behavior: Just a Few 
    Clicks Away!
    Date: Tuesday, October 25th from 6:00-6:30 PM Eastern Time, USA
    Easily document and improve student behavior with a free web tool
    that lets you engage your students by awarding and recording
    real-time feedback.
    Register now.

    All of these webinars are free and open to the public. For a complete list of webinars, go to:

  8. Tip of the week:
    You can find a lot of useful information on how to use Moodle effectively in the Instructional Technology on-line course, available on Moodle. You should see it under the "My Courses" block once you log in.

  9. Tool of the week:
    Storybird is a collaborative storytelling tool that helps you make short, art-inspired stories which you can share, read, and print.

  10. Article of the week:
    Twenty Everyday Ways to Model Technology Use for Students 
  11. Office hours for the High School:
    Monday: 9:00 - 16:10
    Wednesday: 9:00 - 16:40
    Thursday: 9:00 - 17:10
    Friday: 9:00 - 15:10

    Eleftheriades Library

    Office hours for ACT:
    Monday: 14:15 - 16:40
    Tuesday: 13:45 - 15:10
    Wednesday: 14:30 - 18:40

    Bissell Library, Room 108

    Office hours for the IB:
    Wednesday: 13:15 - 14:30

    IB Faculty room

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